Sdoorhelp Video Support Questions:

  • The Videos Seem To Be Messed Up. What Can I Do?
    Our videos are the most popular parts of our website. If the videos are not playing correctly on your computer, we are here to help. Please read through this help section for the fastest and easiest answers to your potential viewing issues. As always, if you are unable to solve the problem or if you find a solution that is not already listed in our help guide Contact Us so we can update our website.

  • Does Your Site Support Mac Users?
    If you are using an Apple computer, our site requires Mac OS X with all current updates to work optimally. The operating system is available for free for Mac users and is preinstalled on all modern Mac computers already. You should also be using Windows Media Player 9 or higher to view our videos at their best. If you have a problem playing a video, please try another video to see if the problem is with a specific video or videos in general. Also please let our tech support staff know if videos from other sites display correctly. We will do our best to assist you, and the more information about the problem that you can provide the better we will be able to help.

  • What are External Video Software and Plug-Ins?
    Our websites are designed to work with many different computer types and system configurations. We have created this list of External Viewers and Plug-Ins for your convenience. These are free basic software upgrades that may improve the performance of you computer with our sites. As with any software, please read all documentation carefully and understand these are third-party programs that would be supported by their own manufacturer or producer.

    Download Quicktime
    Apple Quicktime Support

    Download Windows Media Player

    Adobe Flash
    Download Flash

  • What About My Screen Resolution?
    Screen resolution determines how many pixels are displayed on your monitor at one time. A higher resolution allows greater detail to be shown on your screen with a clearer picture and better overall image. Our site is designed primarily for a screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher. If you see horizontal scrollbars on the sides of your screen while viewing our site, or if the site seems to be too "big" for your screen, or if the images appear blurry then the most likely cause is that your computer is using a lower screen resolution than 1024x768. To change you're screen resolution on a Windows PC please follow these steps:
    1) Click on "Start"
    2) Click on "Settings"
    3) Click on "Control Panel"
    4) Click on "Display"
    5) Click on the "Settings" tab at the top right
    6) Use the slider to change your resolution to 1024x768
    7) Click "Apply" at the bottom right
    If your screen turns dark or does not accept the new resolution, please do not click on anything, after 15 seconds your screen should return to the previous settings. If this is the case, your computer may not support 1024x768 screen resolution with upgrades to your hardware or software. If you need further assistance with your computer screen resolution, please consult with the computer manufacturer.

    Our customer support staff is available to assist you when you Contact Us and we have a lot of experiencing solving video issues for members so we are confident that we will be able to help you resolve any technical problems you are having - however, please keep in mind that we are not computer manufacturers and our support is limited to problems enjoying our website.

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